The top 100 women-inclusive teams to work for in 2022

The glass ceiling, pay gap, harassment... being a woman at work is not easy: that's why we've gathered the 100 women-inclusive teams to work for in 2022.

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How can you find an inclusive team for women?

It is not always easy to choose a team as a woman because many are the teams where ordinary sexism and inequalities are still present. And this is especially true in male-dominated sectors, such as Tech. Although there are concrete criteria for measuring inequality between women and men (ex: the difference in salary), it is more difficult to assess the actual level of inclusion of women that a team offers due to reasons ranging from ordinary sexism to harassment.

However, there are several initiatives (general or specific to Tech) whose goal is to help women find their professional happiness:

  • The professional equality index is an indicator created by the French government. It allows companies to measure the pay gap between women and men and highlights the progress areas on which to act when these disparities are unjustified. This approach concerns all companies with more than 50 employees since 2021 to encourage employers to take concrete measures to fight against professional inequalities. The index is a mark out of 100 attributed to the company, with an average of 86. Companies must have a score higher than 75. If not, they will be exposed to sanctions (mainly financial), even if you have 3 years to improve your results after the first rating... To consult a company's score, you can go to the Index Egapro site.
  • 50 in Tech, an organization whose mission is to help women pursue careers in Tech, has created a "Gender Score" to evaluate European Tech companies on 4 criteria: work-life balance, equal pay, fair career paths, and anti-discrimination actions. The score obtained during the assessment provides an idea of the company's inclusion practices.
  • Women in Tech, an NGO that fights against professional inequalities in Tech and worldwide, references companies that promote the inclusion of women.
  • Girlz In Web is an association that promotes visibility and equality for women in digital and new technologies.
  • Ladies of code, a community of women in IT, encourages all women to flourish in a technical career through exchanges between developers on Slack, meetups, aperitifs, and digital cafes.
  • Duchess France is an association intended to promote women developers and women with technical profiles and give them more visibility.
  • Women On Rails is a feminist, LGBT-friendly, and predominantly women group whose goal is the discovery, the mutual aid, and the regular practice of computer basics, particularly the Ruby language and its Rails framework.

What are the best inclusive teams for women?

We've reviewed hundreds of teams and selected the top 100 teams that recruit and welcome women the right way.

Each of these teams meets at least one of these criteria:

  • Have a professional equality index score above the average of companies.
  • Be referenced on 50 in Tech
  • Be referenced on Women in Tech

You will find our selection below. You can also filter our selection by mission and values. If you want more filters (role, stack, location...), don't hesitate to launch a personalized search at the bottom!

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