The top 200 full remote teams to work for in 2022

Whether you want to work remotely to live in Hawaï or pet your cat all day, we've gathered 200 full remote teams that you'll be happy to join.

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Is being fully remote for you?

Today, technologies make it possible to give access to telework to more and more professions (especially in tech). But since the start of the Covid-19 😷 health crisis, and despite the reluctance of many companies, the telework revolution has been underway. According to the Malakoff Humanis teleworking barometer, nearly 38% of employees practiced teleworking at the end of 2021, and this practice has become a choice for 68% of them. The rise of remote work is then the subject of a work organization in its own right and reconfigures the relationship to work and its conditions of exercise. If the teleworker benefits from the same individual and collective rights: access to training, respect for data, respect for private life, the question of health and safety at work, access to social activities of the company, benefits, etc... there are advantages and limits to working from home.

The benefits of remote work
  • Work from anywhere: you no longer need to be in a big city to find a job you like.
  • Save time by eliminating the famous home-to-work journey. 🚌
  • Having more autonomy: working remotely leads to more independence and responsibilities, which bring more recognition and even job satisfaction.
  • Be more productive: working from home allows you to arrange your schedule, have more quiet moments, and increase productivity.
  • Save money: food (no more 12$ sandwich 🍔), transport (random: fuel), clothing, etc.
  • Have a better work-life balance: time savings and autonomy make it better to adapt your work to your imperatives and personal hobbies.
  • Develop trust within the team: each team member (especially the manager) has less control over the others, and everyone will trust each other more.

The limits of remote work
  • Lack of socialization: this is often the number 1 criterion for people who do not want to work entirely remotely. You have to continue to reserve social moments with your team.
  • Have the space and equipment necessary to work comfortably and efficiently (beware of musculoskeletal disorders due to bad postures!).
  • Avoid the overlap of professional life with personal life: the border between the two is refined in teleworking, and you may tend to work too much (yes!). You have to set yourself a time frame with regular breaks and schedules to protect yourself.
  • Demonstrate self-discipline and management: you find yourself alone in front of your computer, and it is sometimes hard to motivate yourself and organize yourself.

What are the best full remote teams to work for?

We've reviewed hundreds of teams and picked the top 200 full remote teams hiring in tech. You will find our selection below. You can also filter our selection by mission and values! If you'd like more filters (such as role, stack, and location), don't hesitate to start a personalized search at the bottom!

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